Disney D100

Disney D100 For Kids

The Disney D100  РSpecially designed for children , you know the increasing range of eight to thirteen year old (kids) using mobile phones. Disney has designed a kids mobile phone (Disnet D100) particularly for that age group easy keypad with Mickey Mouse-shaped answer and reject buttons, and for the elders, parental management that allows and helps you to forestall changes to the phone like adding contacts, or limiting the decision times. There are some additionally a feature to forestall the phone from ringing throughout school hours. A virtual timer feature permits you to set a quota for their call times that they should not exceed. Some other features are following.


  • Mickey Mouse-shaped
  • reject buttons
  • parental management
  • adding contacts, or limiting the decision times

Price :

May be found within the $45+ range and price may be change with the passage of time.


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